About Me

An award-winning journalist trained in the industry-leading Medill School of Journalism, I have experience working in newsrooms located in Colorado, Illinois and Johannesburg, South Africa. In early 2015, my team received second place in the prestigious National Headliner Awards, for investigative work into abuse within juvenile residential treatment facilities.

With over three years’ experience in the IT industry, I also specialize in tech reporting, business communications and technical writing. I am comfortable writing in styles ranging from long-form news to technical manuals to sci-fi/fantasy, and anything in between. Please feel free to contact/invite me directly.

I am a journalistically-trained writer and information technology professional with experience in many different arenas. The services I offer include:

– Award-Winning In-Depth Reporting: As part of the investigative journalism organization Medill Watchdog, I conducted in-depth interviews, acquired information through Freedom of Information Act Requests, and helped produce a Pulitzer prizewinning journalistic feature in collaboration with the Chicago Tribune. My other experience includes writing long-form features in Johannesburg, South Africa, in association with one of the country’s longest-running newspapers, The Star.

– Technology writing: Honed from more than three years in the Information Technology industry. I have produced handbooks, tech talks, articles and website entries, designed for both tech-adept and inexpert audiences. My work ranges from light and entertaining technology news to concise and informative Knowledge Base walkthroughs.

– Interviews: Multiple years’ experience interviewing subjects in both a journalistic and human resources capacity, I am fully capable of generating well-researched and relevant questions, conducting interviews in person or remotely, and delivering complete transcriptions, video or audio recordings on deadline.

– Business correspondence: Expert grammar, tone and formatting skills aptly suited for résumés, job applications and professional communication of any kind.

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