Turning the page toward literacy

Program helps jumpstart reading for young children

From page 2B of the Sunday, August 18, 2013 edition of The Pueblo Chieftain

By Anthony Settipani

The first in a series of rather fortunate events dedicated to child literacy took place on Saturday at the Frank L. Lamb Branch Library.

Offering prizes and literary challenges for children, the Kids’ Read- ing Roundup Literacy Fair saw several families of small children circulating around the basement of the library in its first hour.

“We just want to share with parents easy ways to get their children to read,” said Jenina Goodwin, the library’s youth services manager. “You don’t have to buy special things to do this, it’s stuff you can do in the grocery store, while you’re get- ting ready for work in the morning or while you’re driving the car.”

Stations included fish- ing for foam letters in a plastic tub, making let- ters out of playdough and what the library called a “cereal box game.” In that activity, kids would pick a letter and then try to find each time that let- ter appeared on the box.

The fair was geared toward children ranging from kindergarten through sixth grade, and prizes were available in the form of books at each of those reading levels.

Tanda Sperling, 26, was learning just as much at the fair as her 1-year-old daughter Caylee Rae. Sperling, who is in her last year of earning her master’s in education, said she found several tips to take away for her own career in teaching.

“I really like how they have the stations set up,” she said. “It’s not crowd- ed, each station has its own activity to do, which I really enjoy. And I hope to bring that to my own classroom.”
Caylee participated in some of the activities as well. According to Sperling, her favorite was the “Baby Space” station, which featured a scatter- ing of toys and a multi- colored tube for toddlers to climb through.

“There’s some toys over there, and there’s also some other babies.” Sperling said. “Caylee really likes to be with other kids, and she’s learning from them how to play with some of the toys, which is a really great social experience.”

Sperling said she and her daughter plan to at- tend the events going on at the other libraries later in the year.

The next event in the series will take place at the Pueblo West Library on Sept. 14 from 3 to 5 p.m.

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